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Tuskegee Airman Project

Tuskegee Airman Project


"Bill Terry is the unknown victim of the Civil Rights Movement" Lieutenant General (3 Star) Russell Davis

MISSION: To educate America about the personal high cost of Roger "Bill" Terry's role in the eventual desegregation of the United States Military and the ripple effect that triggered the Civil Rights Movement.

For a complete understanding about Roger "Bill"Terry and The Freeman Field Mutiny, please "Google" both.

FREEMAN FIELD MUTINY: While training to be B-25 pilot with the 477th Bomber Group, Terry joined 161 Tuskegee Airmen at Freeman Field to protest the segregated "White Only" Officer's club. On April 5, 1945, the black Airmen marched over to the Officer's Club, three at a time, only to be ordered to leave. Terry was in the last group of three. Instead of obeying the order, Terry stated that he was an Officer and was entitled to enter the Officer's Club. After a white officer told him, "No Niggers Allowed," Terry brushed by the white officer and into the hall.

In all, 162 black officers were arrested on charges of Treason, Insurrection, Behavior Unbecoming of an Officer, and Jostling during what came to be known as the Freeman Field Mutiny. The charges were dropped on all but three of the Airmen which included Terry. It was a high-profile case even at the time – directing their defense was future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. The two other officers were acquitted. Terry was acquitted on charges of disobeying an order but convicted of "jostling" an officer. He was fined $150, reduced in rank, and given a General Discharge in November 1945. Terry was a convicted felon for fifty years until 1996 when President Clinton, Congress, and the Air Force pardoned Terry and reinstated his rank.

Nine years after Roger "Bill" Terry was convicted, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in a bus which triggered the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s prominent place in American history.

GOALS: The committee of The ROGER "BILL" TERRY PROJECT have several ideas to ensure ROGER "BILL" TERRY'S rightful place in history.

Documentary on ROGER "BILL" TERRY.
Street/School/Building/or Park named after ROGER "BILL" TERRY in Compton, Los Angeles.
Produce a movie of ROGER "BILL" TERRY and the Freeman Field Mutiny.



Wife - Mae Terry

Sons - Mark Terry, and Jeff Terry

UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN JOHN LEWIS, GEORGIA, Senior Chief Deputy Democratic Whip, U.S. House of Representatives, Original Freedom Rider, American Civil Rights Leader with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lt. General (3 Star) Russell Davis Retired,
Past Tuskegee Airmen National President, Past Commanding General, District of Columbia National Guard, Washington, D.C., Past Vice Chief, NGB, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Past Chief, NGB, Arlington, Virginia

Original Freedom Rider - Charles Person,
First of the original 13 Freedom Riders and the youngest (18 yrs. old), pulled from the bus in Birmingham, Alabama and beaten with a metal pipe so badly he was hospitalized. Served with the Marines in Vietnam

Tuskegee Airman - Lt. Col James C. Warren,
WWII, Korea, Vietnam, While training to be B-25 Pilots, Lt. Col. Warren and former Detroit Mayor Coleman Young organized the "Freeman Field Mutiny", Author of the book "The Tuskegee Airmen Mutiny Freeman Field"

Tuskegee Airman - Lt. Col. Alex Jefferson,
WWII, Ex-POW, Purple Heart, Author of "Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free", Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman

Tuskegee Airman - Lt. Col. Ed Drummond,
WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Tuskegee Airman - Cadet Ben "Flaps" Berry Sr.,
WWII, Aerospace Engineer for the Apollo Space program, the Space Station, & the Space Shuttle, Author of "Tuskegee Airmen, To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond"


Ken Buckles - Remembering America's Heroes, Executive Director

Aleem Shabazz (Byron Chambers) - Remembering America's Heroes, Developmental Director; Northeast Health Resource Center; Crescents Sports Media; NW Media Coalition

Willie Chambers - Nola Nuggitz; Supernatural Food Inc.; Northeast Health Resource Center Media Project; NW Media Coalition

Anthony Brown - "Straight Talk" cable TV program, NW Media Coalition

Ben Berry Jr. - Director, Department of Transportation of Oregon; President & CEO of Public Private Renewable Energy Group

Robin Petgrave - President and Founder, Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum



"Bill Terry is the unknown victim of the Civil Rights Movement"
Lieutenant General (3 Star) Russell Davis

We the committee of THE TUSKEGEE AIRMAN ROGER "BILL" TERRY PROJECT strongly feel that Mr. Terry's legacy deserves to be memorialized for current and future generations of Americans. For a complete understanding about Roger "Bill"Terry and The Freeman Field Mutiny, please "Google" both.

Our first goal is to have a bronze statue of Mr. Terry on the campus of UCLA commemorating the extremely high price he personally sacrificed for the eventual desegregation of the military which triggered the Civil Rights Movement. With this statue of Tuskegee Airman Roger "Bill Terry, there will be recognition of the 162 477th Bomber Group Officers and the Officers who organized and carried out THE FREEMAN FIELD MUTINY. We chose UCLA's campus because Mr. Terry is a UCLA Alumnus. He was also a two-year starter on the UCLA Basketball team. He was teammates, best friends, and roommates with Jackie Robinson.

We have the complete support and blessings from Mae Terry (widow & wife of 62 years), and sons Mark and Jeff Terry. If you are interested in becoming involved with this cause please contact us at ken@rahusa.us. Donations to THE TUSKEGEE AIRMAN ROGER "BILL" TERRY PROJECT can be made on line at www.rahusa.us or a check payable to:

Remembering America's Heroes
1940 NE 21st Ave
Canby, OR 97013

100% of your donation will go towards THE TUSKEGEE AIRMAN ROGER "BILL" TERRY PROJECT.