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Patriotic Displays


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Patriotic Displays

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Faces of the Fallen

Faces of the Fallen is a visual tribute to each serviceman or woman killed in the current conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. The display was created in 2003 by Alicia Tallman for her senior project at Milwaukie High School. Her sister, Kelley Tallman, assumed responsibility for updating the display. All of the students who have worked on Faces of the Fallen have taken great pride and ownership in the project, ensuring that each individual is properly honored.

The display itself has 24 panels, measuring eight feet tall by three feet wide, with biographies and photos on both sides. Its flexible design enables the user to configure set-up based on available space or desired impact. The size and magnitude gives viewers an immediate, breathtaking sense of ultimate sacrifice made by today's soldiers.

Faces of the Fallen is on display every Veteran's Day Parade in Albany, Oregon.High

Cost of Freedom

The High Cost of Freedom is a visual tribute to each serviceman or woman killed in action in all American wars, from the Revolutionary War to the recent and current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, by utilizing pop tabs collected by Milwaukie High School students over the course of four years. One tab represents one military serviceman or women killed in action. Consisting of 31 full sheets of plywood and over one million pop tabs, this display is very powerful. If the display is set up in a row it's length is over 75 yards long. As of May 12th, 2012, the numbers represented are:


Revolutionary War: 25,320
War of 1812: 2,260
Mexican War: 13,283
Civil War: 650,000 - 750.000
Spanish-American War: 7,166
World War I: 116,708
World War II: 408,306
Korean War: 54,246
Vietnam War: 58,223
Persian Gulf War: 363
Iraq: 4474
Afghanistan: 1954

If interested in this display, please contact RAH at ken@rahusa.us or 503-351-2632.