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OR Military Hall of Fame


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OR Military Hall of Fame

About the Oregon Military Hall of Fame

Our goal is to bring this impressive event back. The last several years have been extremely challenging and we have not have the funds or resources to hold this event.

Oregon is one of just seven states that has a Military Hall of Fame, and Remembering America's Heroes is proud to sponsor this program. Oregon is, as our State Song proclaims, the Land of Heroes.

At Remembering America's Heroes, we honor men and women who, throughout our Nation's history, have chosen to serve their country in military uniform. Ordinary men and women have been defending this Nation for more than 200 years, performing an extraordinary duty without regard for hardship or sacrifice. That is what makes them the strength of the Nation.

Oregon is privileged to have individuals who have donned uniforms and taken up arms to defend our country that have performed this noble duty with extraordinary courage, bravery and character. Their stories are truly incredible, their feats are pure inspiration. That is why we have created an Oregon Military Hall of Fame, to recognize those who have distinguished themselves in ways that have brought honor not only their uniform, but to their Country and to the great State of Oregon.

The Hall of Fame can only recognize a fraction of those who deserve this honor. But all Veterans deserve our thanks. Most Veterans probably will tell you that serving their country was a privilege and no thanks or recognition is necessary. However, if you are inspired by the dedication, heroism and service shown by the members of the Oregon Military Hall of Fame, we encourage you to find two or three men or women who served, or are now serving in uniform, and tell them how grateful you are for their selfless service.

2009 Inductees

Service to Country and Community:
Ernest Argo

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Individuals:
Edward Allworth
Rex T. Barber
John Noble Holcomb
Harry Niehoff
Marc Lee
Stuart Stryker

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Groups:
All former POWs from the State of Oregon

NOTE: If you're an ex-POW from the State of Oregon and didn't receive information about your induction, please call 503-351-2632 or e-mail ken@rahusa.us. We need to know the inductee's full legal name, war served, branch of service, where s/he was captured, and how long s/he was held for. If you did not attend the luncheon but would like a certificate, please contact RAH with the above-listed inductee information and a mailing list.

2008 Inductees

Service to Country and Community:
Jerry Pero

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Individuals:
Marion E. Carl
Robert D. Maxwell
Herbert B. Powell
Maximo Yabes

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Groups:
10th Mountain Division: Eldon J. Baller, Barney Becker, James N. Bray, Richard D. Burling, Frank M. Chuk, Robert A. Cornell, Warren C. Craig, C. Robert Duckwall, Edward J. Flabetich, William D. Hackett, William F. Hoffstetter, Owen R. Johnstun, Fritz L. Kramer, Robert S. Labby, Henry W. Lewis, Michael Myers, Dick Powers, Gordon Tallman, Darrel P. Tarter, Richard N. Updegraff, David G. Wagstaff, Harvey A. Wieprecht, John E. Wilson, Ben H. Yett

41st Infantry Division:Joseph T. Alexander, Richard V. Cody, Dale S. Fallon, Herman W. Gettman, James F. Marr, Kenneth Middleton, Tom Moyer, Paul C. Schwertmann, Floyd D. Taylor, Alton Wheeler, Frank A. Wusz

442nd Regimental Combat Team:Yosh Agaki, Art Iwasaki, Ike Iwasaki, Jimmie Kanaya, Don Matsua, Richard Mishima, Leke Nakashimada, Kennie Namba

NOTE: If you're a member of one of these groups from the State of Oregon, but don't see your name above, we want to know about you. Please call 503.659.5157 or e-mail katy@rahusa.us. We need to know your full legal name, war served, branch of service, and location served.

2007 Inductees

Service to Country and Community:
Gordon W. Morgan

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Individuals:
Roberta Boyd Sandoz Leveaux
Larry G. Dahl
Arthur J. Jackson
David Richard Kingsley
Kenneth L. Reusser

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Groups:
The Chosin Few - Oregon Chapter: Richard R. Bautch, Richard W. Call, William F. Chisholm, Glen E. Crosby, David W. Dowdakin, Thomas G. Green, Clyde T. Henderson, Robert D. Jacobsen, Frank W. Kyser, Albert L. Lane, Patrick O. Miller, Tad L. Neilson, Otto N. Olson, Wallace Keith Richardson, Lewis R. Rumpakis, Victor J. Saraceno, Austin Eugene Shirley, Wayne E. Sparks

Nomination Process

The Oregon Military Hall of Fame accepts nominations throughout the year. The selection committee meets annually in January to decide on the current year's inductees. For more information on how to nominate a Veteran for induction into the Oregon Military Hall of Fame, please contact Remembering America's Heroes at 503.659.5157 or download the nomination form and guidelines below.

  • Nomination Guidelines
  • Nomination Form